About Us

about us

ABOUT USMatta Services LLC is a full general contracting service company in Maryland, we have license and insurance, requirements that are needed to work in residential and commercial in Maryland including cleaning services since 2003. In all this time, we have serve correctly without problems to many customers, who wanted our services. Matta Services provides speciality in every type of renovation- interior or exterior, also we have experience in building your house completely new. Matta Services counts with the right people to help you design your new house in which you will feel comfortable and enjoy better with your family.

What we provide:

We provide our customers with labor quality, the best in materials, and competitive pricing. Our passion is building to our customers in the best and safest way. Matta services have people who work hard to ensure satisfaction with every customer. Our Maryland Home Improvement Commission and good standing make our customers feel comfortable with our services. Matta Services LLC worries to do the best to have the customer for life. Throughout the past 15 years we have achieved creating many households, achieving many happy families and we have earned their trust. Let Matta Services show you a better way to build and save time & money by calling us today. If we have served you before, we would like to hear from you again, because you were our customer and you will always be.

Why choose us

About Us

Our skills make us to be recognize as one of the best of Maryland. We pride ourselves on offering excellent craftsmanship, efficiency, and elegance into each personalized project.

Why choose us:

  • Many customers satisfied in Maryland
  • Highly trained staff
  • Licensed and insured
  • If we said we will do something, we will do it.
  • We are friendly and organize to work
  • We serve you in Maryland
  • Warranty of our great work
  • Craftsmanship, organize and cleaning is what make us one of the best in Maryland

Matta Services commitment to high standards make our employees and team leads to be responsible and make sure to address all customer questions in a friendly manner as soon as possible.

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We believe that our customers choose us not only because of our quality, but how we make them feel. Choosing us is a smart, safe, and confident choice. We are solution-oriented and our commitment to our clients is backed by thousands of rave reviews nationwide.