There are a number of ways that you can save space in your home, especially if you have a narrow block.

Without forethought and planning, a narrow block can lead to your home feeling, well, a little too narrow.

The following ideas may assist you in making more use of the space you have. Depending on your lot size, the style of your home and your storage needs, these practical options should give you food for thought!

 Idea #1 – Open Plan

Open plan can help to make your home feel more spacious. Opening space upwards and removing walls gives you the feeling of a much larger space than is the reality.

Less walls to separate rooms results in more natural sunlight filtering in too, which can do wonders for making your home feel more expansive.

This open plan style combined with high ceilings works well to create a sense of increased space.

Making the kitchen/dining/living area entirely open plan forms the hub of the home and creates a space for everyone to come together and share quality time.

 Idea #2 – Go For Glass

Utilising glass in your home helps to really open everything up and goes a long way to creating a sense of space and light.

As a general rule, bigger is better, opting for larger windows and expansive glass doors helps to bring the outside in and creates a seamless flow from one space to the next.

 Idea #3 – Add a Balcony

A balcony is a great way to create more floor space for your narrow lot two storey home. By adding a balcony to the second floor, you are effectively adding an additional entertaining area or chill out space to enjoy. This gives you extra square metres of living space without impacting on your ground level foot print, meaning you can still find room for the double garage or large back yard!

Idea #4 – Under Stairs

Storage Under stairs storage is a great space saving option. By utilising the space under your stair case in your narrow lot two storey home, you can easily store cluttler-causing items like books, containers, boxes and clothes as well as bigger, less used items like old appliances or even your ski equipment! A clever idea is to spend a little extra and opt for custom shelving and drawers, giving you the storage space you need, without the messy look of the storage space we know all too well! If you want to be even more creative, opt for a book shelf or wine cellar. Under the stairs is ideal for wine, as it the temperature stays relatively constant, meaning your 1998 Pinot Noir will keep for that special occasion!

Idea #5 – Attic Storage

Attic storage is another clever way to save space. One of the main benefits of attic storage is that it allows you to store infrequently used gear like Christmas decorations, old crockery, kids clothes that you are hanging on to for the next child in line, or even old family photo albums. Without attic storage, most of these items will be stored in the garage, making it cramped and hard to access, and in many households means your second car will actually live out on the driveway. Attic storage can be very cost effective and can be done during construction or after you move in.

Bonus Idea – Talk to an expert

While everyone has their own ideas about how to make the best use of space and design the perfect home for their needs, there is no better option than talking to an expert. Someone who has designed hundreds of homes, all with similar challenges to overcome. If you want to see how you can fit all of the living space you need on a narrow lot, then get in touch. We will listen to your ideas, share some of our own, and offer up a design that is sure to impress.

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