10 Benefits of Hiring a Contract Cleaning Company

Why a Professionally Cleaned Office Makes Perfect Sense

If you solely rely on your employees to keep your office space clean and tidy in an effort to cut costs, time and hassle, then this article is for you.

Let’s take a look at a number of reasons why you should consider hiring a professional cleaning team.

Time & Cost Savings

The first and most obvious reason business owners avoid using a cleaning contractor is the costs involved. However, if your employees are expected to spend their time cleaning on top of their regular day-to-day responsibilities, is that a productive use of their time?

By using a professional company, you can avoid the awkward problems of creating a cleaning rota and staying on top of the schedule. When one staff member is deemed to be slacking off, this can create ill-feeling amongst the whole team which could easily be avoided if that responsibility was given to a subcontractor.

Aside from the extra work your employees are expected to do to keep the office environment clean, can you be absolutely sure that the standards they are implementing are suitable and correct? Are they using appropriate chemicals that are not potentially harmful to their health or others?

Expecting your staff to clean is never an ideal arrangement and given the fact they could be far more productive with the time spent, do the cost savings really justify this approach?

Staff Productivity

Without question, a clean and pristine office environment is proven to have a positive effect on staff productivity. An office full of mess, dirt, grime and clutter will only act as a distraction and affect concentration levels.

The connections are very simple. If your office feels uncared for, messy and lacking any care or attention, this will filter down into the standards of work produced. If you set high standards of cleanliness, your staff will most likely set the same high standards in their work ethic.

Staff Morale

Very much riding on the coattails of the above, if your company displays a willingness to want to maintain a clean and healthy working environment, this can only be a positive thing and will filter down through your workforce.

Employees that come to a clean and fresh office every morning will undoubtedly feel more cared for and valued. This sense of loyalty and and commitment will maintain good staff moral levels and give them a positive attitude towards you as a employer.

Health & Safety

Without the assistance of a professional cleaning company, dirt, bacteria and dust particles can build up swiftly and make your office environment a very unpleasant and unhealthy place to work. If the build up gets out of control, the spread of germs will lead to ill health amongst your staff including respiratory issues, colds, flu and allergies. With staff sicknesses costing businesses millions every year, is cutting corners really saving you money?

A trained office cleaning professional will know how and where to disinfect correctly

Company Image

As well as your staff, don’t forget that a clean office is also important for your image. No one wants to invite an important client or high profile guest into a dirty, foul smelling office.

First impressions last and if a visitor comes to your workplace and sees an environment crying out for help, they won’t leave with a positive opinion of you which could cost you a contract or a lucrative piece of business, all because you failed to hire a professional cleaning contractor!

Green Cleaning

A professional cleaning company should use products that are harmless and do not contain potentially hazardous chemicals including formaldehyde or toxins that have been proven to be carcinogenic or promote diseases. As well as health related cleaning chemicals, they will also encourage the use of green chemicals that are not harmful to the environment, ensuring your company is doing its bit to minimise its carbon footprint.

Experience & Expertise

By using a professional cleaning company, you are taking advantage of their experience meaning you can expect a high standard of service.

Properly trained cleaners will know precisely how to clean various parts of your office environment and apply best practices to ensure surfaces aren’t just wiped, but cleaned deeply to ensure you are getting value for money and a job well done.

Correct Equipment

Professional cleaners come armed with a whole range of tools and equipment specifically designed to clean offices on a daily basis, meaning you don’t have to concern yourself with spending money on items such as commercial or industrial cleaning products.

Tailored to You

The best contract cleaning companies will always tailor a cleaning schedule that is suited to your business that they feel will maintain the correct standards.

Peace of Mind

It’s hard enough trying to run a business without having the additional worry of needing to organise a daily or weekly cleaning rota. Why clean your office when someone else can manage it for you? So if you’ve reached the realisation that office cleaning duties should be left to the professionals, contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll tailor a cleaning schedule that fits your exact requirements.

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